Duct Cleaning

Did you know... Regular duct cleaning is essential to ensuring your furnace or ducted heat pump runs safely and efficiently – not to mention reducing the amount of dirt, debris and air pollutants that could be circulating throughout your home’s ventilation system?

We can help you breathe easier. Our highly experienced team of duct cleaning professionals uses advanced technology to provide professional and certified HVAC duct cleaning services throughout the Comox Valley and northern Vancouver Island.

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How often should I clean my ducts?

We recommend cleaning your air ducts at least every two to three years – of course, this can vary based on your usage, personal sensitivity to dust and other allergens, home renovations or other indoor air quality issues within your home.

Will duct cleaning make a huge mess in my home… and will it take long?

Not at all! At North Island Heating, we’re a family-run business that believes in courteousness, timeliness and treating your home with the utmost respect. We take precautions to leave your home as clean as it was before we arrived.

The time required to perform a thorough, professional duct cleaning varies from home to home. The time required depends on a wide variety of factors, including when your ducts were last cleaned, your system usage, pets in your home and if you’ve performed home renovations recently).

In general, the average time to clean residential HVAC ducts is around two to four hours. This includes the supply, intake and return ducts throughout your home.

Do I really need to have my ducts cleaned?

In short – yes.

Any qualified HVAC professional will highly advise that you clean your ducts at regular intervals. Having a professional perform a proper, thorough cleaning of your ducts can greatly improve the air quality of your home and boost the efficiency of your HVAC systems. And that’s money in your pocket.

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